Mason Graff

Story by David Babcock.
Photos by William Geier.

I met Mason Graff at his studio in Calgary’s northeast on a sunny day in September.

Graff, a Strathmore native, moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD). An experience he describes as fun and an important part of his growth as an artist.

Ever since he could remember Graff has been drawing or painting. “My parents would never buy me video games, they’d either tell me to go outside or go do some drawing,” remembers Graff.


Graff mentions drawing inspiration from Frank Stella and Donald Judd. Both noted for their association with minimalism. Which is no surprise since Graff considers himself a minimalist.

Most recently Graff signed on with DaDe LOFT, an interior design firm and gallery located in Inglewood.

This opportunity has opened his work up to an entirely new audience, and it has been a good way to receive more private commissions.

Some of his work has also been featured in some of the houses DaDe LOFT has helped design.

A minimalist at heart, he prefers to work with geometric stacked shapes.His goal being to make minimal changes to the shapes that create a large yet subtle effect.

“My work started off with this kind of stack shape originally and I kind of just stuck to that shape to see if I could make that shape change… So, they’re all this stacked shape, all behaving differently in space.”