Landos: “Before Time” EP review

Words by Krystle McGrath
Photo by Nick Styles of Electric Honey Records

Local talent Landos recently released their six-song EP titled Before Time that is both instrumentally and lyrically captivating and relatable, and is perfect for a sunny drive in the car when you’re looking for some fun and easy listening. The four-piece has been making waves since the release of their first EP back in December 2017 titled Simple Things, and although they are relatively new to the Calgary music scene, their music has made it onto every playlist I’ve ever had and this newest release is no exception.

For this EP, Landos made the decision to self produce the entire album under their own label, Electric Honey, in their very own basement, which gives a personal and intimate feel to the music, while keeping a surprisingly high sound quality and a nice crisp studio feel.

The artwork is absolutely beautiful, done by Simone Freeman, and very accurately captures the messages of the unknown of the future, the intrigue of today and the importance of lasting connections that the music itself communicates.

Before Time starts off with a well-written tune called “Lonely Afternoon” with interesting overlaps of vocals, guitar and all around instrumentals you can tap your foot to. The fun of summer increases with the next song off this EP titled “Office Job,” written about the rejection of a normal career path in favour of a more exciting lifestyle. With strong backing drums and bright guitar riffs, this song will make you want to grab your buds, a few beers and head straight for the beach. Further along into the EP, “Willow” gives some tasty rasp mixed with a great baseline that peaks its head in every once and awhile to satisfy that craving for what can only be described as the magic of a good bass. The EP finishes with an aptly named song called “Going Home,” which gives it a perfect finality and conclusion, like wrapping it up in a bow. There is a hopefulness and an optimism in this song that is refreshing to hear in what can be a very beautiful, but sombre field of art.

According to Blaine Standing, drummer for Landos, the title of the EP started off with a joke and a drawing of a dinosaur, but soon became the clever gem that is Before Time. Stemming from shared memories and connections, this EP is a fantastic blend of the old and the new, and works as a skillful reminder to not take life so seriously.

Overall, the six songs provide a fun and accessible review of friendship, love and community; this and its solid musicianship give this EP a sense of nostalgia and a longing for simpler days.

Before Time can be found on all major streaming services.

Landos is a self-proclaimed indie rock band made up of four members (Kris O’Day, Justin March, Blaine Standing and Connor Boyd). They are based out of Calgary and frequently play shows in the city; most recently was a free show at Village Brewery with other local dream band Faux Rest for Village’s Cask sessions, where they made a unique beer for patrons to enjoy. Definitely catch Landos next time you want to see some good local music, and make sure to give their EP a listen!