#NowPlaying: Curated by Shuffalo

It would be extremely unoriginal of us to say something like, “we like everything” or “we’re into so many different kinds of music,” but it’s true. All of the songs and artists on our playlist are inspirations to us in so many ways and all of these songs are ones we all really enjoy. We wish we could comment on each song individually, but for the readers’ sake, we’ll just highlight a few. With all five of us coming from totally different walks of life, our music tastes have evolved in their own way – but there’s obviously some crossover in what we all like as well. It’s kind of cool because we’re able to show each other new stuff that we may have never otherwise discovered, but we’re also able to freak out together about some of the songs we’ve each had in our rotation at one time or another. Every song and album has a story too – like most people, we can remember the point in our lives that a song really resonated or why it was important to us. For example, ‘Get Low’ by James Vincent McMorrow – when we all first got to talking about how we might want to try playing together, we thought it would be best to learn a few songs as a group to see how things went. Brayden suggested ‘Get Low’ as one of the songs and we all instantly fell in love. It’s a song we all still find ourselves listening to. 
There are a lot of local artists that are near and dear to our hearts as well. Not only do we love them as people but we really enjoy their music. A big inspiration and someone who has given us so much support along the way is Amelie Patterson. There are so many wonderful things we could say about Amelie, it’s hard to know where to start. She has this way of capturing a real emotion and creating these massive soundscapes with her songwriting and arrangements. ‘Place Where I’m From’ has a very wide-open and ethereal tone to it that we absolutely love. She’s also a very vibrant performer…it’s inspiring to watch. Windigo is another local Calgary band who we’re really excited about. They have been a staple in the scene for a lot of years and the energy they bring to the stage is unparalleled. They have a punk rock mentality and their song writing is out of control! ‘All or Nothing’ by Reuben and The Dark – Reuben has this energy about him that we love. A couple of us were at Calgary Folk Fest this last year and were fortunate enough to catch him. He just commands the stage so well. We read he used to be a school teacher, but now he’s touring and playing these amazing songs – he’s a huge inspiration to us. Another amazing singer-songwriter who is definitely worth a mention is Emily Ripley. We all fell in love with her voice. She has a way of hitting the edge of her vocal range and sort of straining the note she’s hitting but it sounds so good…it’s absolutely infectious! She’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.
We associate a lot of the music we listen to with memories (like most people do) and a good example of this for us is ‘I Appear Missing’ by Queens of the Stone Age. This is one of the first songs that Bailey showed some of the boys when we were all driving up to Edmonton for our very first show together. That song is linked to that memory and we were all obsessed with that song for the longest time. A few of the songs on the list have been chosen by our resident music historian and expert, Steve MacDonald (…who is also our keyboard player and vocalist). Steve knows everything from the Beatles to Dr. Dre  to the Dead Kennedys…and even film composers like John Carpenter. He could tell you entire album personnel and probably what year a ton of albums even came out. This is what we love about Steve, amongst many other beautiful traits. Like all of us, Steve is a huge Beatles fan, so we included one of their earlier songs at his recommendation, ‘This Boy’. This song is a good representation of their harmonies, which is something that all of Shuffalo is naturally drawn to. Finally, ‘Moonage Daydream’ by David Bowie is one of the most well written and produced songs maybe ever. If you listen with really good headphones, you can hear all the different colours coming out…it’s absolutely amazing. 
So as we mentioned, our playlist has a lot of difference influences and a few different genres we enjoy, with a lot of great local acts in the mix. We hope everyone enjoys this playlist as much as we do! Thanks for listening!