#NowPlaying: Curated by Selci


  • Braids
  • Rubix
  • Laura Hickli
  • BB mars
  • Kloves
  • Lyrique
  • Esette
  • Crooka
  • Marisolle
  • FC coconut
  • Joanne Pollock
  • 3 peat
  • Super Duty Tough Work
  • The Tailor
  • Jah Raven
  • Oakk
  • Atlaas
  • Yolanda Sargeant
  • Firewood Poetry
  • Rayanah
  • Janette King
  • Toria Summerfield
  • 7heory
  • B*les
  • A.Y.E
  • Silkq
  • Dine N Dash

Electropop, electronica, ambient, house, R&B, and hip-hop and are my life. Depending on my mood, it’s usually one of these that I gravitate towards. Since I moved to Calgary a year and a half ago, I have been introduced to some truly incredible artists in all of these genres.

This playlist is a bit of a mish-mash but I really wanted to showcase some of my favorite artists in all of these genres and prove how musically diverse this city is. Outside of my Calgary picks are a few of my favorite electronic and hip-hop artists from my hometown Winnipeg, and a couple others that I’ve played shows with in Saskatoon, Montreal and Vancouver.

The playlist starts with electropop and R&B – the singing voices are all unique, stunning, and vibrant and the songwriting is impeccable.

The middle part of the playlist is electronic focused with a chunk of house and techno. The production of each track is carefully thought out and beautifully put together, and, for lack of a better word, they bang.

The playlist ends with hip-hop artists; each MC has a different flow and vibe and they are all so friggin good.

 I encourage you to take some time to listen through this playlist and discover some talent you might not have heard before. I was surprised to see that these artists don’t have hundreds of thousands of streams because the quality of music is undeniable. Please show them some love, listen to their music, and follow what they’re up to because it’s something special.