#NowPlaying: Curated by Hayden McHugh

Hi everyone!

I hope you like my playlist; I created it with a focus on amazing Calgarian/Canadian artists who are making cool moves in pop, as well as with a worldwide scope of people and bands that resonate with me and my style.

I started out with a few of my favorite local pop (or what I consider pop) musicians: Selci, Lexi Strate, Brett McCrady. These artists work hard not only in their craft, but also work hard in their live performance, which is what I mostly admire about these individuals. I admire those that have a knack for performing live as it’s very difficult to not only bare yourself on stage, but also to pull all the right moves/notes at the right time!

After focusing on my favorite Calgarians, I branched out to my favorite Canadians making big moves: Jocelyn Alice, Tegan and Sara, Kiesza, feist, Scenic Route to Alaska and many others. Many of these artists are Calgary-born and are now travelling the world with their music, showing that we really are one of the musically-inclined cities in Canada.

Beyond that, I threw in some of my favorites from around the world: Wet, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Honne, Clean Bandit and a few others. I mostly just am moved by their music.

I hope that you enjoy my playlist! It’s created with love and passion for the creators of these songs and I hope you love them as much as I do!


Hayden McHugh