#NowPlaying: Curated by Handmade


Love Child by Raveena
Sometimes all you need is a song that makes you feel so damn good; this is definitely that kind of song. 

Youngin’ by B*les (Local)
B*les was the first RnB and hip hop project in Calgary I discovered; I saw them at the Koi fundraiser show in Festival Hall. They took me to a very great mindset that night, and these tunes continue to do so. 

Honey Dipper by Chef (Local)
Although they were technically from Edmonton, I went to school with two of their members for many years so they feel like a band from home. Their music really inspires me to find old sounds and genres to influence my music. These cats are some real people and really know how to write a damn good chorus. 

Cool Cat by Queen 
During my first listen to this song, I wouldn’t have guessed it was a Queen tune, but it was no surprise finding out it was. This is how you lay down a groove that lets an amazing singer, like Freddie, shine. 

KTATMWS by Yvette (Local)
Everyone in Yvette has been a big part of my life in some way. I’ve played music with them for years and currently I live with Bobby. Being able to sit down and listen to amazing music by your best friends is quite a feeling to experience. This song is extremely impressive and expressive and deserves a lot of attention. 

Motorcycles by I am the Mountain (Local)
What a group of fine human beings. Every interaction I have with them feels so wholesome and they continue with that trend through their music. This music is heart warming and is good for assisting you with interstellar travel – definitely felt that the first time hearing this song live at Broken City after my first Canadian tour. 

Suspended Together by The Ashley Hundred (Local)
This band has been a huge part of my musical journey. They got my old band Fox Who Slept the Day Away started, not just by getting us shows but also by giving us a group to look up to. They’re a band that knows how to make a soundscape to get lost inside of, find a piece of yourself you needed to find and come out smiling. Suspended together gives me a feeling I have trouble describing but I can easily say it’s in my top five songs of all time. 

Just Like My by HOMESHAKE 
I’ve been vibing to this song a lot lately, not just from the groove that can settle you into anything but, for me, the song seems to bring up the feeling of aimlessness; being stuck in a spot or situation, not knowing how to deal with it except by venting over a beautifully structured song. 

Vic by 36? (Local)
As soon as the intro started, I knew this song would be a damn good thing. It’s so honest, so tasty and some of my favourite work by this group. Taylor played a huge part in me growing up musically. I love seeing such driven creative people at work. 

Ville Mentality by J. Cole 
Music is a powerful tool for expressing true feelings; J. Cole definitely takes that idea to a whole new level. 

Crocodile by Rabino (Local) 
Rabino, thank you so much for bringing such real stank to my life with this song; it helps drive the powerful story you’re telling while making everything feel alright.

Where I Am by Speak Easy (Local-ish)
I played with this band on my first tour of Canada in Kelowna, hung out with them that night and they made us feel like we were at home. I was in a real weird place for that tour but, when I heard them play this song, everything washed away except for the amazing people performing it. It’s safe to say I was happy where I was at that moment. 

Cheerleader by Grizzly Bear 
It’s hard to pick one song from a band like Grizzly Bear, but I felt this song  shows a lot of the aspects this band is capable of. They’re as impressive as they are familiar; it’s the kind of sound you’ll always recognize even though their songs ever hardly sound the same. 

Princess (I Need You So) by Windigo (Local)
Anthony has been one of heck of a guy to have around. After living with him for two years, it’s very easy to say that this guy means a lot to me – his music means a lot to me too. I have so many amazing memories attached to their music and performances; definitely the funnest band to see live, which has always been an inspiration. 

Make Me Disappear by Andrew’s Pale Horses (Local)
Andrew is such a smart musician; it’s proven with every song he writes. Make Me Disappear’s dynamics are a huge reason I chose it for this playlist. I’m very happy I can say I’ve played in a band with him for a time. 

Already There by Fever Feel (Local)
Not many bands are trying to do what Fever Feel is doing especially the way they execute that idea. The layers they have in this song are outta town! 

Bowery by Local Natives 
They’ve been my favourite band for the longest. Hummingbird has been my favourite album for the longest but it’s hard to choose my favourite song by them. This song, however, does hold a lot of feels for me; the drumming at the end always gets me pumped. Wish I would be given more opportunity to see them live. 

Ringing by Katie & The Wildfire (Local ish) 
Those damn vocals with those damn grooves. Nuff said. 

Button Fumbla by Royal Canoe 
This band represents where I’m from, literally and figuratively. A sound like this is hard to come by and I’m so glad a good friend brought me to one of their shows around four years ago when, at the time, I had never heard of them. Best live performance I’ve ever been to – my mind was blown away. Checked out their album, my mind was blown away again. 

Blame it on the Youth by Jordan Rakei 
Definitely on my rotation the most these days. With songs like this, it’s hard to keep your ears away, but that’s a good problem to have. I love songs that talk about busting out your soul especially when the music itself does that for you. 

I’m the Moon by Spooky Mansion 
Really digging the lyrics from this group, not to mention the soulful jams surrounding them. Their sound has this attitude that makes me wanna jump on my penny board and cruise. 

Shark Baby by Timeboy (Local)
Such inspiring people in this project; they demonstrate that stretching the idea of normality is a good thing, plus, when you have an intro with vocals like that, you’re set up to be accepting of any sound coming your way. 

Bring It On Home to Me by Sam Cooke 
Because who doesn’t want to listen to a song this beautiful 

I Get Low by Timber Timbre 
The coolest and spookiest band you’ll ever hear. Their story telling grips you from the gut and then you look around for a stiff drink to sink into. 

Cuffed by Nick Hakim 
Atmospheric groove at its finest. I love the oddness Nick adds in delicately around the song. So many different sounds to focus on, but the groove is never lost. Do yourself a favour and check out their Tiny Desk performance