#NowPlaying: Curated by Future Womb

This is a selection of songs and artists that have influenced or inspired Future Womb.
I’m excited by artists who are both bold and vulnerable. The songs I chose, I chose because there was something about it that set it apart — these artists are taking risks, innovating, evolving and embracing their unique voice. If I find myself stuck in a genre rut, or listening to the same album over and over and over again, that’s a warning sign that I need to shake things up again. As an artist, I think it’s easy to fall into only listening to artists that sound like what you’re already doing; I want to surround myself with artists who are better than me, and more interesting than me, so that I’m inspired to keep learning and growing.
Michael, Jordan and Andrew’s styles have moulded Future Womb’s current sound, so I asked the boys to throw a couple of their picks in here, too.
I hope you enjoy the journey of this playlist! -MC
BADBADNOTGOOD, Little Dragon – Tried
I am a huge fan boy of both of these artists. When I found out they collaborated, I almost fell out of my chair. Little Dragon’s vocals are very soothing and they intertwine magically with the solid performance by BBNG. Being a bassist/drummer I couldn’t help getting lost in the tasty grooves that drive this track. -MD
Random Recipe – Out of the Sky
Walk down the street to this song and try not to strut, I dare you. When those synth blasts kick in, I’m done. Every layer that is added throughout the duration of this song elevates it even more. Obsessed. -MC
Jason Famous – Fashion
This project satisfies both my loves of theatre and synth jams. This song is one of those ones that, at a live show, I want to sing and dance along while making unflinching eye contact with a buddy — choreographed dance moves a welcome bonus. -MC
Suns – 2020
The guitar especially is an inspiration to my style in this project. It’s weird and it’s cool and it’s fun and that’s what I’m aiming for. -JM
Cartel Madras – Pork & Leek
It goes without saying – these girls are killing it right now and their success is well deserved. This song is straight fire and the accompanying music video makes you wish you were part of their cool kids club. -MD
B*les – She Bad
This song is pure attitude. The beat marches forward right from the beginning and doesn’t let go. B*les brings so much sass to his vocal performance it keeps you wondering if you’re the bad one. -MD
$tunna$, Bokma – Boxed Shadows
$tunna$ are doing some really interesting and innovative stuff with this project. This first offering from their upcoming album is wild and layered and I’m so excited for the full album -MC
Richard Swift – The Hex
This album is a gorgeous and devastating final gift from Richard Swift. The production on this album is perfection, and the lyricism is so tragically beautiful, particularly in the wake of his passing this summer. I chose the first track on the album to include here, because listening to the album in it’s intended order is a journey worth taking, and I’d hate to show you any song out of sequence. -MC
CHAI is everything to me right now. Their femme pride, their multi-genre sound that is equal parts tongue-in-cheek, ‘fuck you’, and pure joy, and their unapologetic ambition. What’s not to love? This song in a journey of unexpected twists and turns and a great introduction to what this band has to offer. -MC
DRI HIEV – Last Gen
DRI HIEV blew my mind the first time I saw them play. Their live shows are chaotic and frenetic and sexy and weird and I feel transformed and invigorated every time I see them. -MC
Mademoiselle – Choke
If you’ve attended Rockin’ 4 Dollar$ on Wednesdays at Broken City, chances are you’ve seen Mademoiselle play. It’s so exciting to see this femme punk duo throw down; they’re loud and brazen and they scream their hearts out, and I wish I were half as cool as them. -MC
Crooked Spies – Mata Hari
Crooked Spies proves that rock and roll is not dead. Seeing this song live is one of the most high energy and best times you can ever have. Whenever I listen to them or see them I always wish I could write a riff like they can. -JM
Purlicue – Whoops
I was lucky enough to see Purlicue play at Tubby Fest, and was so impressed by their innovative ideas and cheeky delivery. Their EP is delightful and wild, and they are absolutely a local project to watch. -MC
Time Boy – Pretty Baby
There’s no one like Time Boy. I love watching these maniacs play live, yelping and embracing the odd dissonant sounds that I love so, so much. -MC
Crystal Eyes – Say Something
My first gig was singing backing vocals at Sled Island with Crystal Eyes, and that experience was so meaningful and helped to demystify the terrifying prospect of singing on stage in front of a group of musicians. The layers of this song wash over you like a dream as Erin’s hypnotic vocals swirl on through. -MC
Tei Shi – How Far
The tasteful buildup and explosive chorus in this song does things to me. The vocal purity and power, the synth tones, the drama of it all — it gets me every time. -MC
Melted Mirror – Casualty Ward
Melted Mirror are a project that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another place and another time. Seeing these guys play at BIG Winter Classic last year was thrilling; it was a performance that opened my mind up to another calibre of stage presence. -MC
Candy Claws – Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)
I chose this song for our playlist because of the tonal detail and quality that inspires me personally as a songwriter. -AE
Royal Canoe – RAYZ
Man… the bass line right from the get go makes you sway from side to side with moves you never knew you even had. These boys from Winnipeg do not disappoint with this new release, and it was even better when they performed it live this past month at Hifi. -MD
Foonyap – The Fun Machine
Foonyap’s haunting lyrics and vocals beckon you forward into a soft embrace and then obliterate your brain in the best way. The emotional journey of this song is so powerfully suspenseful, culminating in a manic and beautiful crescendo of strings. -MC
Laura Hickli – Play You Magic
The way Laura plays piano is a transcendent sight to behold, like the keys are a lover or an extension of her own soul — you can feel that captured in this track. Meanwhile, Laura’s honest lyrics and powerful voice generously offer her vulnerable perspective. Gorgeous. -MC
Lana Del Rey – Venice Bitch
Lana Del Rey is constantly surprising me. The dreamy, meandering, gentle jam that makes up the majority of 9.5 minute song makes me want to stare dead-eyed at a grey sky and question all my life decisions — I’m all about that indulgent melancholy. -MC
Citysleep – Daylights
Although this song has been out for some time, after seeing these guys rip this track at Broken City last month I had this song on repeat for days. The synthesizers creep in and out and make you feel you have to look over your shoulder to make sure everything’s okay. -MD
Cigarettes After Sex – Crush
This band’s name is so perfect, it’s ridiculous; they are smokey, sexy, lethargic, introspective, soft and decadent. This newer track makes me wanna roll around in my unmade bed and make bedroom eyes, ‘ya know? -MC
Jung People – The Only Guide Left, Our Homesickness
Jung People captures story and emotion without lyrics in a way that I envy and adore. Their shows are breathtakingly beautiful, and their albums are works of art. The journey of this song makes my heart explode. -MC