#NowPlaying: Curated by Colton O’Reilly of I Am The Mountain

To condense my favourite music to a single list of 25 bands was near impossible, so here, I present my list of 28 bands!

An old friend once told me that their favourite genre of music was local music. I thought that was brilliant and have now changed my favourite genre of music to singer-songwriter-jazz-soul music to the music that we are creating right here in our beautiful city.

The artists who are a part of this playlist are from all over the world. I kept it mostly local, but had to include a few artists from elsewhere. Local music is mainly considered Calgarian music, but we have expanded the term “local” to Western Canada. This list has some special musicians on it, creating some of the most heartfelt music that I’ve ever listened to. I would love for anyone to let me know who I missed and hopefully we can expand these “lists” into an entire community of musicians and music listeners. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen!

First up, I had to start with a band who I recently saw live: BadBadNotGood (Toronto, ON)—so good, and pretty much the above mentioned genre. Next, Calgary’s most promising up-and-coming band, Windigo, and right up there with those fellas is the talented band, The Ashley Hundred. I followed these with the genius lyrics and heartfelt songs of Ghost Factory; the new on the scene with such a sultry voice, Brother Mose; groovy lines and bleached blonde hair is Andrew’s Pale Horses; and, screaming and hollerin,’ The Bitterweed Draw. Then, I had to include one of the greatest songwriters of our time: Benjamin Booker (Virginia, USA); our dear pal here in Cal, but also from across the pond is Benjamin Longman; the lovely folk-sounds of Rosalind—country twang with soul; and then some Mariel Buckley. Next up is surf rock from California from Surf Curse; sad, psych rock that’s so good from Astral Swans; arguably one of the best bands ever: Typhoon (Portland, USA); heavy drops and post-rock vibes of Jung People; songs for the folks from Aidan Knight (Victoria, BC); and Basia Bulat, (Etobicoke, ON) who is one of the greatest powerhouses and an amazing front-woman.  After that, I give a shout-out to The Six—Drake (Toronto, ON) has got some magical tracks; Angel Olsen (St. Louis, USA) has a voice that will melt your heart; Boreal Sons, members of which actually helped create the first I Am The Mountain record—we love that band; and this jazzy band from California, Vulfpeck—no explanation needed. Hiatus Kaiyote from Melbourne, AUS have some of the grooviest tunes around, similar to local shoe gazers Fox Who Slept The Day Away, and the head gazers of Raleigh. Vancouver has so many great musicians, but Peach Pit has got that special something, as well as the Edmonton thriving music community, which includes the final two acts: The Velveteins and Scenic Route To Alaska.

Well, if you made it this far down the list, I can’t express how thankful I am of you for taking time to appreciate art, beauty, and all things mysterious. I leave you with our band’s song, Motorcycles. Enjoy this list, listen to as many and as much as you can, and appreciate the artistry happening in our city, and all over the world.

Thank you,

Colton O’Reilly
I Am The Mountain