#NowPlaying: Curated by Cartel Madras


Cartel Madras, while primarily creating trap, has always tried to channel a variety of distinct experiences and sonic influences in our work. This playlist then naturally became an eclectic mashup of everything from Japanese alt rock to some of our new hip hop favourites. This playlist is filled with artists of different genres and from all over the world to express our unique position as rappers existing in the East and West.

When we look at our city and the Canadian West Coast, we see an evolving music landscape bursting with new talent and musical innovation. A huge part of a musical experience is the chance to see an act live; performing has been a tremendous part of our praxis and something we love dearly. Many artists we’ve featured are also incredible live performers we’ve had the pleasure to see live or play alongside in the past year. Hood Joplin and Hounds (of DOGDEER) are two of Alberta’s electronic heavyweights who know how to put on a killer show and play a very real part in getting this province exciting attention. Selassie and Cadence Weapon, of Edmonton, and Snotty Nose Rez Kids, based in Vancouver, are rappers we’ve had a wild time performing with and are dedicated to trailblazing in the Canadian scene.

If we’re using music to dictate how we structure our day and what we do in it, the formula of how that day plays out would go down something like this:

Start the day by rolling out of bed to Freddie’s “Triple Threat”. We soundtrack our whole lives, so curating a vibe of how we want our day to be starts right away and starts by getting us spicy from the jump. If we’re getting in a car,  Yung Raja’s “Mustafa” is playing and we’re yelling along to the English and Tamil lyrics. Yung Raja is a first gen Singaporean whose parents are Tamilian. Seeing him  finesse Tamil into his track was so dope for us as we’re from Chennai and speak Tamil and have been working it into our sets. Kitchen tracks depend on who is over at our place and who is cooking; DJ EggLad would slap bbno$, Contra would be listening to Yaeji, and Eboshi’s playing “Tempura” by $uicideBoy$.  If Jae Sterling and Yung Kamaji are in the house, they are microwaving leftovers while looping PNTHN and working on their own stuff (featured here is Roshi from his EP Vagabond). “Hot Boy Anthem” by Curtis Waters and Harm Franklin gets us mad hype before a show.

Since Nag Champa, we’ve been following Blvc Svnd closely. A definite favourite of ours, we’ve taken to playing his rager, “Legit”, as the track we enter our sets to. Wearing flamboyant and over the top clothes, we let the track roar on as we jump around the stage and get rowdy before we start. Chilling back at the spot lends itself to Destroyer and former Calgarian Yuutsu while sitting around a box of Chicken On The Way. End the day with “Nightwings” by Ogermen & Brecker while sitting on our balcony overlooking 17 Ave. with a fat doob.

This playlist was made by Eboshi, Contra, and DJ EggLad of Cartel Madras.