#NOWPLAYING: Curated by Ann Taylor

  1. Same Side – Chin Up, White Leaf (Local)
  2. Steady – Benjamin Longman (Local)
  3. Running in the Dark – Laura Hickli (Local)
  4. California – Joni Mitchell
  5. Adventure is Calling – Kate Stevens (Local)
  6. Long Run – Wyatt C. Louis (Local)
  7. Wasting – Yvette (Local)
  8. Mushaboom – Feist (Local)
  9. Bear Hug – I Am the Mountain (Local)
  10. Wait by the River – Lord Huron
  11. Atoll – Nai Palm
  12. Love Keeps – Scenic Route to Alaska (Local)
  13. Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer
  14. Touch You – The Heirlooms (Local)
  15. Mother – Florence + The Machine
  16. Humankind – Reuben And The Dark (Local)
  17. Cookie Monster – Sweet Barry Wine (Local)
  18. Animal Spirits – Vulfpeck
  19. Pocari – Natural Twenty (Local)
  20. Running from Your Love – Freak Motif (Local)
  21. It’s a Good Day – Rome, Rachel Geek, B*les, Trooknot (Local)
  22. Whatever – Rabino (Local)
  23. Truth in the Sea – Selci (Local)
  24. Headlock – Imogen Heap
  25. I’ll Still Have Me – Cyn, Aquilo
  26. Waves – Ann Taylor (Local)
  27. We Talk all the Time – The Japanese House
  28. The Kids Came by and Burned Down the Scene – Astral Swans (Local)
  29. 8 (circle) – Bon Iver
  30. Peacock Tail – Boards of Canada

This playlist is designed to have the rollercoaster effect on your being as it brings you up nicely with beautifully crafted, lyric-focused folk tunes into a funk and R&B, body moving groove state and back down into ambient vocals and atmospheric sounds. Expect to be gently carried through my favourite songs in the city paired with the formative songs that have sculpted my own writing. Best paired with the 4-maggi pizza from Una and a cold pint of the Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump from Coldgarden! Calgary has grown on me as a city and as a creative hub; I felt mass amounts of pride creating this playlist showcasing my favourite dudes – enjoy responsibly!