Travel through time, both past and future at The Blues Can Youth Jam – Hosted by The Marcus Trummer Band

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. On November 5, a chilly, dark drive took me to the venerable Blues Can in Inglewood.  I knew a welcoming dimly lit atmosphere awaited me inside as I walked from my car.  As usual, the venue was filled with fellow music appreciators, and players ready to flex their skills. The idea of time travel pressed upon my consciousness as I watched the performances of musicians who graced the stage, beginning with the Marcus Trummer Band. 

Kelly Isaak: Finding the unique in everyone

Story by Andrew Bardsley. Photo by Liam Glass. Amid the dozens of rooms within the infamous Shamrock Hotel, a once popular yet rough spot, sits local artist Kelly Isaak. The hotel, closed in 2015, has been repurposed as the arts facility, NVRLND, where each of dingy, rough-and-tumble rooms now serve as art spaces for local artists – Isaak being one of them.

Ice Climbing: Troll Falls

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. A staccato thwack, thwack breaks the mid-morning quiet as the needle points of climbing tools sink into the frozen chandelier of ice. Two less elegant sounding kicks with my heavy boots and we are off the ground, rhythmically moving upwards.

#NowPlaying: Curated by Cartel Madras

Curated Spotify playlist made by Eboshi, Contra, and DJ EggLad of Cartel Madras. Cartel Madras, while primarily creating trap, has always tried to channel a variety of distinct experiences and sonic influences in our work. This playlist then naturally became an eclectic mashup of everything from Japanese alt rock to some of our new hip hop favourites.

DeadDeer: “Abraham Lake” EP release

By Sara Kuefler. Abraham Lake, the beautifully immersive new EP by Calgary chillwave artist and YYC Music Award EDM Recording of the Year nominee DeadDeer (aka Brent Rossall), will transport you. This makes sense considering when the artist first began making electronic tracks of his own in Red Deer, several years back, he found them a means to escape circumstances that were not bringing personal happiness.