Deep Covers: Self-titled debut LP review

Words and photo by Sara Kuefler. I have been listening to the new self-titled, full-length album by Deep Covers on repeat since arranging to review it, partially for the purpose of writing this article, but more so because it bears repeating. Falling somewhere between space odyssey and stream of consciousness exploration of the psyche, the rich layers, spooky vocals, wide spread use of synth tones, and haunting guitar riffs make the album an audio delight as well as a cerebral experience.

Calgary Folk Music Festival’s fourth annual Block Heater

Words by Sara Kuefler. With the frigid temperatures that have been locked in for the past couple weeks, many of us have made good use of our vehicle’s block heaters. Just as the recent cold snap begins to release slightly, we will be able to look forward to a much more exciting type of “Block Heater”.  The fourth installment of Calgary Folk Festival’s Block Heater music festival, presented by ATB, occurs February 21 – 23, 2019 and features 28 musical acts spread over four venues, including Studio Bell, Festival Hall, The New Central Library, and The King Eddy.

Jae Sterling: “Jaguar” EP release

Photos and words by Will Geier. The much-anticipated Jaguar, Jae Sterling’s latest EP, is about to drop. It’s unapologetic, energetic, diverse and creative, and has a driving beat behind it to get people engaged, moving and rowdy. I stopped by the Th0t Police headquarters to talk to Sterling about the inspiration for Jaguar, his growth over the last year, what’s next, as well as more about the collective Th0t Police.

#NowPlaying: Curated by Selci

A curated Spotify playlist by Selci. Electropop, electronica, ambient, house, R&B, and hip-hop and are my life. Depending on my mood, it’s usually one of these that I gravitate towards. Since I moved to Calgary a year and a half ago, I have been introduced to some truly incredible artists in all of these genres.