#NowPlaying: Curated by Colton O’Reilly of I Am The Mountain

Curated Spotify playlist by Colton O’Reilly of I Am The Mountain. To define music to a single list of 25 bands was near impossible, so here, I present my list of 28 bands! An old friend once told me that their favourite genre of music was local music. I thought that was brilliant and have now changed my favourite genre of music to singer-songwriter-jazz-soul music to the music that we are creating right here in our beautiful city.

Defying Convention: 15 Years of CUFF

Story by Christina Wong. There are few festivals as highly anticipated in Calgary as the Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF). What began as a short program screened over three days has grown into an internationally recognized, seven-day event filled with the best in local and international films, diverse events, and unexpected surprises. Since its inception, CUFF’s mandate has been to bring provocative films, innovative experiences, and the best in locally-made entertainment to Calgary.

Female Songwriters Circle Vol. 3 featuring Rachel Geek, Jess Werner, and Lisa Anderson

Story by Kendall Bistretzan. On Monday, March 2, Café Koi will be hosting their third monthly Female Singer Songwriters Circle. The event will feature Rachel Geek, Jess Werner, Lisa Anderson, and Bebe Buckskin. Local Drop reporter Kendall Bistretzan caught up with these ladies to talk about their style as musicians, experiences in Calgary, adversity in the industry, and plans for the future.

Album Review: Todd Stewart – Everything You Want

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. Todd Stewart’s six-song solo album, Everything You Want, is an intimate, moonlit ramble through the heart of the artist.  With heavy use of steel guitar, acoustic meanderings, and, of course, Stewart’s whispery, smooth-as-butter vocals, the listener is guided through musings on personal relationships, the pain of tragic loss, and the melancholy and anxiety that can be so much a part of life for many these days.

The Good Life Community Bike Shop

Interview by Elle McLean. Photos by Quin Hauck. The Good Life Community Bike Shop, located at 6016 3 St. SW, is a non-profit education and resource centre for individuals interested in building their own bicycle, learning more about the mechanics of bikes, or improving their bicycle repair skills. The Good Life Community strives to provide a more equal environment and opportunity for all who are interested in cycling and bicycle repair.

A !Pleasant Afternoon: Public Workshops at the Esker Foundation

Story by Christina Wong. What do a park bench, a bathroom stall, and a retaining wall have in common? To most people, not too much, aside from the fact that these are common structures that allow us to go about our day to day lives. But what if these structures had an ulterior motive, one that allows us to use these objects for their intended purpose, while also restricting our ability to do anything else with them?