Maria Koutsogiannis of FoodByMaria

Story by Dami Fadipe. Photo by Quin Hauck. It’s no surprise that the author and creator of FoodByMaria, Maria Koutsogiannis, is busier than ever before. Her new cookbook, Mindful Vegan Meals, was voted the best cookbook of June 2018 by Indigo, and she’s gained the attention of The Globe and Mail, as well as various other sites and papers, illuminating her awards.

Kristen Muncy

Story and photo by Claire Miglionico. It’s 10 a.m. on a warm spring day and writers and TV fanatics have come together at the Globe Cinema for Inside The Writer’s Room Master Class, held by Rebecca Addelman who is known for her work on New Girl and the Netflix series, Love.

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Story and photos Jessica Melnychuk. Irresponsible dog ownership has long been a contentious issue throughout the world, with animal rescue facilities frequently filling up with animals that have been abandoned or surrendered by owners who can’t – or won’t – provide the proper care their animal needs.

Local Leaders: Erin Penosky, Koi Owner & Operator

Story by Erin Penosky. Photo by Elijah Beaver. The first time I entered Koi, about four years ago, was for my interview. I had never been to this quirky venue before, but I felt an understated intimacy. I looked around this space and, although there were many imperfections, my mind starting churning over possibilities for the future. In a way, I had been here before.

Cory Nespor

Story and photos by Will Geier. Cory Nespor is a visual artist known for his unique style, which incorporates text into visual pieces, as well as for his work with NVRLND, formerly Voltage Creative Garage, which houses Nespor’s iconic ‘Wake Me When I’m Famous’ sign.

Bake My Day: Tamara Rutschmann

Story by Christina Wong. Photos by Quin Hauck. Baking is often touted as a science. But these days, a new breed of baker is emerging, one who mixes art and science with an almost magical skill. From the creation of mythical creatures and impossible flavours to painting water coloured details and golden swatches, cake artistry has emerged as a new way to enjoy baked goods, and there is no shortage of great artists to enjoy and admire in Calgary.