Yolanda Sargeant on Calgary’s music scene, performing, and her latest track “Deep Love”

Story by Dami Fadipe. Photo by Will Geier. With beautiful sounds that reverberate over the crowds she performs in, Yolanda Sargeant exudes a powerful presence the second her shoes touch the stage. Her soulful sound always gets the attention of her audience without fail. With such a dynamic voice, wide sphere of influence, and magnetic stage personality, Sargeant does her best to stay vigilant in her work, and modest in her accomplishments.

The Female Lens

Story by Adriana Cueva Art and beauty are often said to be a matter of perspective, a chance to view particular scenes or objects through the eyes of the artist. Galleries such as the Christine Klassen Gallery allow audiences to explore unique pieces in a comfortable and approachable way.

Inside the mind of Colin Carbonera of Rabino

Story by Colton O’Reilly. I caught up with Colin Carbonera of Rabino after his breathtaking set at the Soul Bowl event at Paradise Lanes in February. We sat on rogue guitar amps in an eerily dark office, in the back corner of the bowling alley, with nothing but dim lights peering out from our iPhones. It was quiet, away from the clattering pins and excited show-goers, Carbonera began to impart to me the importance of the name Rabino.

Deep Covers: Self-titled debut LP review

Words and photo by Sara Kuefler. I have been listening to the new self-titled, full-length album by Deep Covers on repeat since arranging to review it, partially for the purpose of writing this article, but more so because it bears repeating. Falling somewhere between space odyssey and stream of consciousness exploration of the psyche, the rich layers, spooky vocals, wide spread use of synth tones, and haunting guitar riffs make the album an audio delight as well as a cerebral experience.