Market Collective: 10 Year Anniversary

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. There is no need to wonder why the Market Collective logo features hearts. From its humbler but very sincere beginning 10 years ago, when a crew of artists and musicians set up inside the Carpenter’s Union Hall and subsequently the old Ant Hill building, both in Kensington, to the current large-scale celebration happening at the BMO Centre on the Stampede Grounds, Market Collective has always been made with love.  Maybe that is one of the reasons it has always attracted people. 


Story by Dami Fadipe. Photos by Will Geier. With their electric tunes and soulful sounds, Shuffalo has managed to make a name for themselves in a short amount of time. After cementing their roster in early 2018, they quickly made moves in Calgary’s music scene, playing various venues and charming crowds with stellar songs. We reached out to the band to get a glimpse into how they are navigating the music scene in Calgary.

Sarjesa: more than just a tea company

Story by Kendall Bistretzan. Photos by Quin Hauck. What’s in a name? The name of Alexandra Daignault’s local tea holds plenty of meaning. Sarjesa. While the word is not recognized in the dictionary, to Daignault, it has come to represent the spirits of the women who will walk with her work, yet are not physically present.

Cartel Madras

Story and photos by Claire Bourgeois. The very first time I met Priya and Bagya Ramesh, it was at a spoken word open mic night. I was serving at Koi at the time when the sisters took to the stage. They played a backtrack through the stage sound system and blew everyone away with what they were putting down.