Neil Zeller

Story by Elijah Beaver. Photos by Neil Zeller. Neil Zeller has been shooting photos for as long as he remembers, but it wasn’t until his “midlife creative” that he decided to leave his job in corporate sales and turn photography into a career. Zeller chose photography, a hobby he’s been interested in for years, despite not being initially “great” at it, to feed his creative soul.

First Date Confections

Story and photo by Shane Flug. When it feels that things in life are falling apart, the ingredients may actually be whisking in to place. For Tatiana Straathof, 24, it took an achieved career dream being put on hold and a subsequent personal journey of healing and acceptance to lead her to an entrepreneurial path as the owner of First Date Confections.

Amy Webber

Story and photos by Max Foley Amy Webber’s relationship to art is fairly archetypal. Her natural talent – discovered at a young age – combined with conflicting aspirations, experimenting with mediums, and a healthy amount of serendipity, has resulted in an aesthetic that is equal parts unique and approachable. What sets her apart, then, is her love of physical media and her gravitation towards subtlety in a world obsessed with the bright impermanence of digital.

Local Leaders: Angel Guerra, Market Collective Co-Founder

Story by Angel Guerra. Photo by Will Geier. I love people. A lot. This love has pushed me to connect with people, to connect people to each other, and to ultimately carve out spaces in Calgary where people can come together. About 12 years ago I began hosting house concerts in my living room. From this concept of bringing the creative world into our everyday lives and homes, my first inspirations to launch Market Collective began.

Black Prince Ski Tour

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. ‘Fsh’ ‘fsh’: the sound of skis on skins on snow. The rest of the world is silenced by the dampening effect of the snow all around. The odd break in the clouds providing sunlight to illuminate a quiet trail through the trees as the intrepid set out for a day of cold weather fun. Black Prince is on a short wilderness activity area located off the Smith Dorrien Trail south of Canmore in Kananaskis country.