John F. Ross

Story and photo by Will Geier. Canada has a long history of iconic and revered landscape painters. From Tom Thomson to Lawren Harris, many artists draw inspiration from the great wilderness of Canada and, although their time has passed, Calgary-based oil painter John F. Ross embodies the spirit of Canada’s historic painters, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Yolanda Sargeant

Story by Jessica Melnychuk. Photo by Will Geier. You’re on stage, ready to perform. Several bands have gone before you, and the crowd is eagerly awaiting your music. And then you experience every musician’s worst nightmare… technical difficulties.


Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. “Felt that one!” I yell down at Dustin as the wind picks up, catching my pack and forcing it to the side. The wind started about 30 minutes ago and, as we climb, the gusts continue to intensify. Options are limited as I start off the belay ledge, climbing toward our next station.