Benjamin Longman: “The Garden of Song” release

Story by Colton O’Reilly. Photos by Claire Miglionico. Benjamin Longman is a London-born singer-songwriter that has made an important impact on the city of Calgary and its music scene. His new album, The Garden of Song, holds six rare flowers within its musical garden – five of which are aged poems discovered by Longman, the other is an original tune to round out a track-listing of some heartfelt writers.

Squanto: “Wutcha Gonna Do” single release

By Kendall Bistretzan. Photo by Will Geier. Calgary’s Squanto didn’t get its start in a typical fashion. In 2016, Bobby Henderson’s friend launched a poetry website. Unbeknownst to Henderson, what started out as a singular contribution of recording and acoustics to make an album would soon evolve into a full-fledged band at the suggestion of fellow musician and producer, Wil Moralda.