The Liquid Muse Art

Interview by Dami Fadipe. Photos by William Geier. My name is Katie Kriekle. I’m an artist, as well as the owner of The Liquid Muse Art. I focus mostly on abstract expressionism in my paintings, but I have been known to dabble in other styles of painting as well. My style can be quite diverse.

Beer-cycle Tour

Story by David Babcock. Photos and map by William Geier. While I was unloading my bike from the trunk of the van, I remarked to my friend that it was the perfect day for a bike ride. It was just hot enough to be enjoyable, but breezy enough that we wouldn’t be sweating buckets and exhausted by the time we finished our planned brewery bike tour.

Some Fellows

Story by Aaron Mottershead. Photos by William Geier. Some Fellows is a young, up-and-coming band that is breaking through Calgary’s music scene. This alternative rock group consists of Rory Rheaume (vocals and guitar), Jesse Schwarz (bass), and Parker Sakatch (drums).

Andrew’s Pale Horses

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Max Foley. Andrew’s Pale Horses is the psychedelic, alternative-rock brainchild of Andrew Ellergodt, an eccentric, self-taught and multitalented musician.