Story by Taylor Odishaw-Dyck. Photos by Kaitlyn Kerr. Before attending a local house show featuring artists from the music collective Fossil Records, I got a chance to catch up with a good friend of mine, Philip Van Hooft, the main songwriter behind the new four-piece indie outfit, the Dabdorians.

Leah Hennel

Interview by William Geier. Photos by Leah Hennel. Leah Hennel is an award-winning photojournalist and videographer that works primarily for the Calgary Herald. Hennel has been a photographer for 15 years and is best known for her stunning images of the prairies that raised her. She has previously won multiple National Newspaper Awards, as well as many other honours.

Sam Tucker

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Max Foley and Luke Dean. Sam Tucker has become an increasingly familiar name in the Alberta climbing scene as the Calgary climber is gaining notoriety for placing strong in competitions and for his relentless passion for the sport.

East Village Junction 

Story and photos by Elle McLean. Imagine if there was a space in your neighbourhood that, for four days a week, became a fun, unique shopping and gathering spot with live music, a rotating schedule of events, and sometimes even a beer garden. Well, that’s exactly what East Village Junction is.