Story and photos by Will Geier. What’s in a name? Sometimes a rap name can be nonsense—and that’s okay Lil Pump, ‘Gucci Gang’ is still a pretty good song—but other times a rap name can actually be a true representation of what the artist is trying to reflect to their listeners. Calgarian up-and-coming rapper Lyrique, or Edward Que, is such an artist. His moniker not only reflects his family’s name and history, but also brings attention to Que’s main focus: his lyrics.

Somekind: “Perfectly Imperfect” Release

Story by David Babcock. Photos by William Geier. I met local musician Andrew Stone at Analog Coffee on a cold, winter day in November. Sitting down with him, he seemed a little nervous—unsurprising considering that this would be the first interview. Soft-spoken and a little reserved, Stone started his musical journey in grade six—if only sporadically

Stephanie O’Handley

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Max Foley. From symbols of strength and social power to a form of deviance or self-expression, tattoos are historically rooted within centuries of traditions from countless cultures. The diverse background of this art form significantly predates the 1890s invention of the electric tattoo machine that has become the industry standard today.

Melissa Buluran

Story by Taylor Odishaw-Dyck. Photos by Will Geier. I sat down with local hip-hop dancer Melissa Buluran to talk about her sprouting success and recent personal revelations as an emerging urban artist. I first met her back in April at Late Night at the Plaza, where she unveiled a vibrant dance routine to Jerry Folk’s remix of Lose It by Oh Wonder.