New Forum: A revival of a Calgarian grassroots feminist periodical

Story by Jenessa Blanchet. In the year 1988, when George Michael’s “Faith” was topping the Billboard charts, Stephen Hawking published his book “A Brief History of Time,” and Calgary was host to the Winter Olympics, the first issue of a local feminist magazine called Forum was released. That magazine was a feisty, grassroots periodical that tackled topics affecting women – and that continue to affect women. 

#NOWPLAYING: Curated by Ann Taylor

A Spotify playlist curated by Ann Taylor. This playlist is designed to have the rollercoaster effect on your being as it brings you up nicely with beautifully crafted, lyric-focused folk tunes into a funk and R&B, body moving groove state and back down into ambient vocals and atmospheric sounds.

AJ Robles: Upcoming single “Minimal”

Interview and photos by Annie Da Silva. Flirtatious in nature, rudeboy B*les (pronounced ‘be-less’) is a playful, cheeky r&b singer. Drawing inspiration from artists such as D’Angelo, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, and Anderson Paak, love lyrics and heartbreaks are his sustenance and recreation.