Squanto: “Wutcha Gonna Do” single release

By Kendall Bistretzan. Photo by Will Geier. Calgary’s Squanto didn’t get its start in a typical fashion. In 2016, Bobby Henderson’s friend launched a poetry website. Unbeknownst to Henderson, what started out as a singular contribution of recording and acoustics to make an album would soon evolve into a full-fledged band at the suggestion of fellow musician and producer, Wil Moralda.

Peter & the Wolves: “Howlin’ and Prowlin’” album release

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. When asked about writing songs, Peter Cormier, frontman for Calgary rockabilly sensations Peter & the Wolves, says, “The most important thing is coming up with a hook.”  Well, hook, line, and sinker folks . . . I can easily see why people fall for this band.  These boys have style, depth, and, by all accounts, an infectious energy onstage.