Ann Taylor

Story by David Babcock. Photo by Will Geier. Ann Taylor held an intimate listening party at her home in December 2017. She treated the jam-packed room filled with friendly faces, comfortable pillows and speakers to her second EP, Murphy’s Law. Taylor’s love of music began when she was just a baby, but her technical start was when she joined the school band as a flutist. And that was just the beginning.

Joshua Makorto

Story by Holly Maller. Photo by Aidan Campbell. “Many people who excel are self-taught.” This quote, spoken by the late American fashion photographer Herb Ritts, implies that those with the ability to teach themselves often turn out to be successful. Joshua Ray Makorto has never attended an art class. Yet, with an Instagram following of almost ten thousand, it is clear that he is making an impression by using his self-taught skill of painting.

Female Songwriters Circle Vol. 2 featuring Kirstyn Johnson, Kira Lagadin, Claudia SheBear and Kat Westermann

Story by Kendall Bistretzan. On Monday, March 5, Café Koi will be hosting their second monthly Female Singer Songwriters Circle. The event will feature four incredibly talented women who are blossoming in the local music scene: Kirstyn Johnson, Kira Lagadin, Claudia SheBear and Kat Westermann. Local Drop reporter Kendall Bistretzan caught up with these lovely ladies to talk about their style as musicians, experiences in Calgary, adversity in the industry, and plans for the future.

Paradise, Painted Walls, and a Whole Lot of Pink: New Art at the Esker Foundation

Story by Christina Wong Located on the fourth floor of an eclectic brick building, the Esker Foundation is a contemporary art gallery that strives to sate Calgary’s ongoing desire to experience exciting new art. Occupying 15,000ft of space in Inglewood, the Foundation “reflects on current developments in local, regional, and international culture; creates opportunities for public dialogue; and supports the production of ground-breaking new work, ideas, and research.”