Squanto: “Wutcha Gonna Do” single release

By Kendall Bistretzan
Photo by Will Geier

Calgary’s Squanto didn’t get its start in a typical fashion. In 2016, Bobby Henderson’s friend launched a poetry website. Unbeknownst to Henderson, what started out as a singular contribution of recording and acoustics to make an album would soon evolve into a full-fledged band at the suggestion of fellow musician and producer, Wil Moralda. Today the band is also comprised of Connor Mead, Graeme Rice, Tyler Shields and Craig Davidson.

After releasing their debut album Rose Gold and four additional songs, today Squanto is dropping their latest single.

This song, entitled “Wutcha Gonna Do,” is different than Squanto’s past songs for several reasons. While Squanto is no stranger to 70’s and 80’s influences and groovy guitar riffs, Henderson dubs this track as their most 70’s-inspired song to date.

“There’s more of a disco feel on this one,” explains Henderson. “It’s the most disco thing we’ve put out thus far.”

“We pushed it a bit further than we normally would,” agrees Moralda.

Another key factor in the creation of “Wutcha Gonna Do” was that it was a joint effort – everyone had something to contribute to the writing process, rather than Henderson taking it on alone.

“Instead of me writing the parts and then showing them, we just sat in a big group jam-style circle and wrote this one out, which was kind of nice for me. I don’t have to stress. Everyone kind of brings in their own ideas instead of one person just doing what they know.”

Aside from their new single, Squanto hopes on releasing an album near the end of summer, although they are unsure if “Wutcha Gonna Do” will be featured on it. Until then, their music can be found on Bandcamp. There will also be a single release show on June 1 at Nite Owl featuring local bands Octoduck, The Torchettes, and Windigo.