#NowPlaying: Curated by Sargeant & Comrade

The tracks that I have chosen are my favourite songbirds/bands in the city. I especially love Mister and Mystic and Selci.

-Yolanda Sargeant

The songs that I selected are mostly local, as well as some Prairie region and Edmonton artists. A few exceptions were Moka Only/MF Doom (Vancouver/NY), Kid Koala and Thavius Beck (Montreal), and Saul Williams/DJ Logic (NY). Those were selected because they are relevant to the Calgary scene right now – you can go see them live! I had chosen a sample-heavy kind of vibe and a few of the tracks were from local producer The Dirty Sample whose album Raw Produce was quite slept on. He has exclusive tracks with Guilty Simpson and Roc Marciano on there! Literally one of the dopest Calgary beat makers – everyone should check him out. Got my man Hollohan on there with his classic song “Lost Love and Addiction” (gives me goosebumps every time), HalfCut, Ira Lee… I think it’s a pretty interesting listen. Lots of the tracks have some real clever lyrics/writing, so play them back a few times.

-Jay (Comrade)

Hope you enjoy!
Sargeant & Comrade