Kristen Muncy

Story and photo by Claire Miglionico

It’s 10 a.m. on a warm spring day and writers and TV fanatics have come together at the Globe Cinema for Inside The Writer’s Room Master Class, held by Rebecca Addelman who is known for her work on New Girl and the Netflix series, Love.

It’s a free event presented jointly by Herland – a local video production and mentorship program for women – and the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

The Master Class includes a script reading submitted by an audience member to create a simulated writers’ room experience similar to a writers’ room used for any TV series. A script titled Matched is picked and read aloud by two guys sitting near the front.

“That was SO sick!” exclaims Kristen Muncy when we talk about her script being picked at the Master Class. Matched is a web-based anthology series of ‘online dating gone wrong’ created by Muncy and a couple of her close buddies. Filming is planned to begin this fall.

“You could kind of see [Addelman’s] desktop behind on the screen and I saw scripts that she was picking out of and one was called Matched. I was like, ‘OK, relax. It could be another one, be cool.’ Then she clicked it and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ But I was very excited. Also, my friend Justin, who submitted it, spelt my last name wrong,” she recalls with a boisterous laugh.

The audience reacted positively to Muncy’s hilariously awkward dating scenario and even laughed at parts she hadn’t anticipated, which she loved.

At the age of 28, Muncy enrolled in the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Film Studies, which has a two-year joint program with SAIT’s Film and Video Production program. She had been bouncing around from program to program when it finally hit her: “I realized that storytelling is something that I wanted to do. My dream job ever since the dawn of time is to write for Saturday Night Live. All this other stuff I was trying, I hated it because I was never meant to do that,” she mentions, looking back at a time when she was failing theatre school.

Muncy is currently NUTV’s technical director where she takes on various roles from closed captioning content, to helping members with their productions. She’s also had the chance to archive retro-infused content dating back to 1984.

“We have one where they put neon everywhere because that was the aesthetic. And watching it now it’s like, ‘Why would you make this choice?’ But, that was ‘the shit’ back then. In 30 years, we’ll look back at our stuff and be like, ‘What the hell were we thinking?’” she says animatedly.

Muncy is a riot to be around. Her laugh is killer and she’s been labeled “the funny one” by friends, family and strangers alike – and for good reason. It’s a label she takes pride in.

“God forbid, if someone didn’t laugh at something I thought was hilarious, that would crush me because, ‘I’m the funny one,’” she says.

So, what makes Muncy laugh?

“Fart jokes?” she responds with a laugh. “Being uncomfortable makes me laugh; being scared makes me laugh. People think that comedy is to block vulnerability, which I would agree with, but there’s also vulnerability in putting yourself out there and being the jester to make someone else happy.”

“But I think the main reason to why I gravitate towards attempting to make funny things is there’s so much sad shit everywhere. Why not make someone happy for three minutes of their day?”