In My Digital Opinion: Why Do We Hate New Phones

Story by Dami Fadipe.
Photo by Will Geier.

I’ve been using an outdated iPhone for the past year, but I’ve been watching new updates arrive and I’ve been watching everyone complain, so I think we’ve got to get this out there.

After a new phone gets announced, my friends are either all about it or they rip on the features to such a savage degree that, once the phone comes out, you have a predisposition to dislike it because you fear retribution from your peers if it turns out that you think it’s pretty sweet.

The announcement of the iPhone X has been no different. With half of the people I know looking forward to it, and half of my friends… well, they’re Samsung users.

This feeling doesn’t seem to be exclusive to phones. It happened with the 4k TV, it happened with the PS4 and Xbox One, it happened with TiVo, it happened with Netflix, and the list goes on.

We never know what’s going to work, what’s going to stick around, and what’s going to crash and burn. It seems that the only constant is that we have a polarizing opinion on it.

We’re either stoked or we hate it. Some of us don’t care, but, if that’s the case, then you’re not going care about this article either (give a hoot about technology, will ya?).

For those who do care beyond the aesthetic of a device, we list off features that benefit us in our daily lives, and we talk about those features in arguments for and against the creation and distribution of whatever device or service that is coming to our homes and our hands.

How often do we even use our phones as phones? What does it really matter if the new phone has a useless feature, or if a rival phone already has a feature that’s being highlighted? It’s all progress.

None of these companies will be taking steps backwards (earphone jack users: sorry). I would chalk this all up to the collective just needing to get their opinion out, but it heavily influences the product and it doesn’t help that our thoughts on a product are so polarizing before it’s even out.

We already KNOW that the beta of anything is going to suck. No one’s ever perfected a product on the first go (not looking at you, GoPro) and, if they have, they suffer from a lack of consumer interest since there’s nothing to add or perfect (sorry, GoPro).

It’s pretty strange that as a society we pride ourselves on inclusion and progression, and yet we find ourselves criticizing the newest craze, hoping that it dies out so we don’t have to learn all of the new buttons and settings on unfamiliar gadgets. It could just be a matter of actually getting that phone in your hands for you to really know how you feel about it.

It sounds like I’m trying to say “Don’t ever criticize new things” but it’s more like “Hey, maybe reserve your judgements until it actually comes out.”

Also, don’t be that person who says that “The (type of phone) had these features like forever ago.” Like, come on, what else do you want them to add? Let us live, let us progress and get cool things on our phones without all the competition.