#NOWPLAYING: Curated by Ann Taylor

A Spotify playlist curated by Ann Taylor. This playlist is designed to have the rollercoaster effect on your being as it brings you up nicely with beautifully crafted, lyric-focused folk tunes into a funk and R&B, body moving groove state and back down into ambient vocals and atmospheric sounds.

#NowPlaying: Curated by The Static Shift

A curated Spotify playlist by The Static Shift. We’re so excited that Local Drop Magazine reached out to us and asked if we could compile a Spotify playlist featuring local artists here in Calgary. Having grown up playing places like The Blues Can, Ship & Anchor, Nite Owl and The Ironwood, we’ve played with many amazing acts over the years.

#NowPlaying: Curated by Selci

A curated Spotify playlist by Selci. Electropop, electronica, ambient, house, R&B, and hip-hop and are my life. Depending on my mood, it’s usually one of these that I gravitate towards. Since I moved to Calgary a year and a half ago, I have been introduced to some truly incredible artists in all of these genres.

#NowPlaying: Curated by Shuffalo

Curated Spotify playlist by Shuffalo. It would be extremely unoriginal of us to say something like, “we like everything” or “we’re into so many different kinds of music,” but it’s true. All of the songs and artists on our playlist are inspirations to us in so many ways and all of these songs are ones we all really enjoy.