Reuben and the Dark: Arms of a Dream Tour

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. A tune spontaneously dabbled in on a solitary piano in the middle of the floor of the unoccupied Calgary Opera; a magnificent main stage festival show, with The Dark creating undulating layers to lift Reuben Bullock’s vocals and guitar; a depth of feeling that remains vivid and heartbreaking weeks or months hence.  With experiences such as these, it becomes clear that something otherworldly is present in the artist. 

The Mighty CJSW: 2018 Funding Drive

Story by Colton O’Reilly  When I get in my car to go to work in the morning, I look forward to two things: hearing the BBC news at 8:00 a.m. sharp, and listening to soothing driving music right after to enjoy on my short commute. This has become somewhat of a tradition for me as it sets my days off on such a good note. 

The Static Shift

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler The first time I saw The Static Shift perform live I thought, ‘They all have a guitar face, even the drummer!’ I guess that happens when you are a vessel for the incredible force of the blues and rock ‘n’ roll flowing through you.

Future Womb

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Will Geier. “The music scene has set a standard of how women are supposed to behave – well, I’m sick of that. I’m tired of being in the audience; I want to be on stage; I want to be loud; sex is interesting – let’s have it be a part of the music scene.”

S.K. Wellington’s debut EP “Where the Earth Meets the Sea”

Story and photo by Sara Kuefler. No stranger to the Calgary folk scene, Sarah Kemmers, formerly of the Wellington Folk and currently half of Lighter Than Arrows, has launched a solo career under the moniker S.K. Wellington. The name Wellington has significance for Kemmers as it was the surname of her great grandparents, who passed a love of music down the generations to Kemmers herself. 

Beakerhead: Local Music Lab

Story by Adriana Cueva. Beakerhead is back in town and bringing a buzz of creativity, artistic endeavour, and play. And, for the first time since Beakerhead has been lighting up and shaking up the Calgary art, science and music scene, they are incorporating everything that makes Beakerhead Beakerhead with a new project, Beakerhead: Local Music Lab, featuring Windigo, 36?, The Ashley Hundred, Laura Hickli, and more.