Somekind: “Perfectly Imperfect” Release

Story by David Babcock. Photos by William Geier. I met local musician Andrew Stone at Analog Coffee on a cold, winter day in November. Sitting down with him, he seemed a little nervous—unsurprising considering that this would be the first interview. Soft-spoken and a little reserved, Stone started his musical journey in grade six—if only sporadically

Yolanda Sargeant

Story by Jessica Melnychuk. Photo by Will Geier. You’re on stage, ready to perform. Several bands have gone before you, and the crowd is eagerly awaiting your music. And then you experience every musician’s worst nightmare… technical difficulties.

Ruben Young

Story and photos by Max Foley. “Being an artist is the same as being an entrepreneur. The only difference is that you’re the product.” It’s a typical Calgary fall morning, and Ruben Young is sitting at a café table in his native Marda Loop.

Mokka Brown

Interview and photo by Claire Miglionico. After a stint out on the west coast, 20-year-old musician Moksh Amin, who goes by artist name Mokka Brown, has returned to his home base in Calgary. We sat down for a brew and chatted about his early thrash metal influences, his experience living and studying in Victoria, B.C. and why he’s decided to take on Calgary as the place to produce himself and create a hub to showcase the variety of musical styles in the city.

Some Fellows

Story by Aaron Mottershead. Photos by William Geier. Some Fellows is a young, up-and-coming band that is breaking through Calgary’s music scene. This alternative rock group consists of Rory Rheaume (vocals and guitar), Jesse Schwarz (bass), and Parker Sakatch (drums).

Andrew’s Pale Horses

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Max Foley. Andrew’s Pale Horses is the psychedelic, alternative-rock brainchild of Andrew Ellergodt, an eccentric, self-taught and multitalented musician.