Melissa Buluran

Story by Taylor Odishaw-Dyck. Photos by Will Geier. I sat down with local hip-hop dancer Melissa Buluran to talk about her sprouting success and recent personal revelations as an emerging urban artist. I first met her back in April at Late Night at the Plaza, where she unveiled a vibrant dance routine to Jerry Folk’s remix of Lose It by Oh Wonder.

Calgary International Film Festival: Ice Blue

Interview by Jessica Melnychuk. A Q&A with Sandi Somers, director of Ice Blue. You wrote the story for Ice Blue, and Jason Long wrote the screenplay. How did the story begin to unfold? I initially asked Jason if he was interested in co-writing with me, and when he read my outline, he thought it would be a great challenge for him. He was totally into doing it, and he set forth to do the first draft. He did such a great job.

Calgary International Film Festival: Made in Vietnam

Interview by Claire Miglionico. Photos by David Whyte. A Q&A with Thi Vo, director of Made in Vietnam. Tell us about your role at Double Whammy Studios. I’ve been running Double Whammy Studios as owner and creative director for the last three years. I’ve worked in the agency world for a long time and ventured onto my own, running a boutique film and design studio here in Calgary.

Beer-cycle Tour

Story by David Babcock. Photos and map by William Geier. While I was unloading my bike from the trunk of the van, I remarked to my friend that it was the perfect day for a bike ride. It was just hot enough to be enjoyable, but breezy enough that we wouldn’t be sweating buckets and exhausted by the time we finished our planned brewery bike tour.