Fever Feel: Self-titled debut LP

Story by Sara Kuefler. There are records you can get utterly lost in. Think of The Doors or Hendrix, spinning away on your turn table as you slide into a different dimension. Well, if you are looking to be transported, fire up your lava lamps and incense, find a comfy cushion, and allow yourself to melt into Fever Feel’s self-titled debut LP: a journey into a dreamscape to mystify and captivate the senses and soul.

Calgary Folk Music Festival 2018

Story by Jesse Shire. Photo by Will Geier. For most people, myself included, attending a music festival is an opportunity to remove yourself from everyday routine while being surrounded by friends and colleagues in a setting that allows for formality and pretense to erode, especially considering the presence of beer gardens, warm weather, and tens of thousands of other music lovers.