Ice Climbing: Troll Falls

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. A staccato thwack, thwack breaks the mid-morning quiet as the needle points of climbing tools sink into the frozen chandelier of ice. Two less elegant sounding kicks with my heavy boots and we are off the ground, rhythmically moving upwards.

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Story and photos Jessica Melnychuk. Irresponsible dog ownership has long been a contentious issue throughout the world, with animal rescue facilities frequently filling up with animals that have been abandoned or surrendered by owners who can’t – or won’t – provide the proper care their animal needs.

Shoulder Season: Aster Lake Backcountry Campground

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. I found myself at the trailhead of the Upper Kananaskis Lakes’ loop one afternoon on an overcast autumn day. Last minute decisions had led to this locale and the plan was to hike along the upper lake before ascending towards Aster Lake, adjacent to an alpine campground where I planned to rest for the night.

Black Prince Ski Tour

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. ‘Fsh’ ‘fsh’: the sound of skis on skins on snow. The rest of the world is silenced by the dampening effect of the snow all around. The odd break in the clouds providing sunlight to illuminate a quiet trail through the trees as the intrepid set out for a day of cold weather fun. Black Prince is on a short wilderness activity area located off the Smith Dorrien Trail south of Canmore in Kananaskis country.


Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. “Felt that one!” I yell down at Dustin as the wind picks up, catching my pack and forcing it to the side. The wind started about 30 minutes ago and, as we climb, the gusts continue to intensify. Options are limited as I start off the belay ledge, climbing toward our next station.