Black Prince Ski Tour

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. ‘Fsh’ ‘fsh’: the sound of skis on skins on snow. The rest of the world is silenced by the dampening effect of the snow all around. The odd break in the clouds providing sunlight to illuminate a quiet trail through the trees as the intrepid set out for a day of cold weather fun. Black Prince is on a short wilderness activity area located off the Smith Dorrien Trail south of Canmore in Kananaskis country.


Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. “Felt that one!” I yell down at Dustin as the wind picks up, catching my pack and forcing it to the side. The wind started about 30 minutes ago and, as we climb, the gusts continue to intensify. Options are limited as I start off the belay ledge, climbing toward our next station.

Highwood Pass

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. The south end of Highway 40 through Kananaskis houses the highest paved pass in Canada: Highwood Pass. Between the months of December and June, the pass is closed to vehicles, making it an ideal location to ride long stretches of road on a bike.

Sam Tucker

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Max Foley and Luke Dean. Sam Tucker has become an increasingly familiar name in the Alberta climbing scene as the Calgary climber is gaining notoriety for placing strong in competitions and for his relentless passion for the sport.

The Fear and the Fury

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. For me, climbing—and many other outdoor sports—are a balance of many things. But, if you were to break it down, you could say there are two pieces that, if handled correctly, create an equilibrium—a resonance of sorts.