New Forum: A revival of a Calgarian grassroots feminist periodical

Story by Jenessa Blanchet. In the year 1988, when George Michael’s “Faith” was topping the Billboard charts, Stephen Hawking published his book “A Brief History of Time,” and Calgary was host to the Winter Olympics, the first issue of a local feminist magazine called Forum was released. That magazine was a feisty, grassroots periodical that tackled topics affecting women – and that continue to affect women. 

Esker Foundation presents their spring/summer exhibition season – featuring Indigenous artists and filmmakers from the circumpolar world

Story by Jenessa Blanchet. On making your way through the exhibitions, Among All These Tundras and CHANNEL 51: IGLOOLIK, viewers are immediately immersed in a juxtaposition of historical tradition and contemporary artistic forms. This carefully orchestrated, elegiacally curated experience not only brings our awareness to the social, environmental, political and cultural challenges facing the peoples of the circumpolar world, but also appears to test our notions of tradition itself. 

Canadian sculptor Blake Ward: Relevant Space

Story and photos by Jenessa Blanchet. Acclaimed Canadian sculptor Blake Ward has brought to Calgary a collection of figurative monuments to the innate and raw beauty of humanity in all of its flawed perfection and unseen being.  His solo exhibition, Relevant Space, currently showing at The Collectors’ Gallery of Art, is an experience to be thoughtfully and voraciously consumed.

OffBeat Figure Drawing: “FIRE FLY”

Story by Jenessa Blanchet. “You Belong.” This is the simple mantra echoed in every communication, post or media release about OffBeat Figure Drawing events and this could not be a more apt statement. On Friday, April 5, I attended my first ever OffBeat Figure Drawing session, “FIRE FLY,” at the #mailotcastle, a stoic 1970s home, sponsored as a one year art residency project in Mount Royal.