Drop Squad

Local Leaders: Erin Penosky, Koi Owner & Operator

Story by Erin Penosky. Photo by Elijah Beaver. The first time I entered Koi, about four years ago, was for my interview. I had never been to this quirky venue before, but I felt an understated intimacy. I looked around this space and, although there were many imperfections, my mind starting churning over possibilities for the future. In a way, I had been here before.

Cory Nespor

Story and photos by Will Geier. Cory Nespor is a visual artist known for his unique style, which incorporates text into visual pieces, as well as for his work with NVRLND, formerly Voltage Creative Garage, which houses Nespor’s iconic ‘Wake Me When I’m Famous’ sign.

Bake My Day: Tamara Rutschmann

Story by Christina Wong. Photos by Quin Hauck. Baking is often touted as a science. But these days, a new breed of baker is emerging, one who mixes art and science with an almost magical skill. From the creation of mythical creatures and impossible flavours to painting water coloured details and golden swatches, cake artistry has emerged as a new way to enjoy baked goods, and there is no shortage of great artists to enjoy and admire in Calgary.

Sarah Houle

Story by Kendall Bistretzan. Photo by Quin Hauck. Paddle Prairie is a Metis community 12 hours north of Calgary. Local multidisciplinary artist Sarah Houle, who calls Paddle Prairie home, will tell you it’s a beautiful place: lush with wildlife and farms, abundant in animals, and, most importantly, family oriented.

Shoulder Season: Aster Lake Backcountry Campground

Story and photos by Gryphon Black-Wallis. I found myself at the trailhead of the Upper Kananaskis Lakes’ loop one afternoon on an overcast autumn day. Last minute decisions had led to this locale and the plan was to hike along the upper lake before ascending towards Aster Lake, adjacent to an alpine campground where I planned to rest for the night.

Future Womb

Story by Laurel McLean. Photos by Will Geier. “The music scene has set a standard of how women are supposed to behave – well, I’m sick of that. I’m tired of being in the audience; I want to be on stage; I want to be loud; sex is interesting – let’s have it be a part of the music scene.”