Drop Squad

Canadian sculptor Blake Ward: Relevant Space

Story and photos by Jenessa Blanchet. Acclaimed Canadian sculptor Blake Ward has brought to Calgary a collection of figurative monuments to the innate and raw beauty of humanity in all of its flawed perfection and unseen being.  His solo exhibition, Relevant Space, currently showing at The Collectors’ Gallery of Art, is an experience to be thoughtfully and voraciously consumed.

Caleb Hart: “11” tour and album release

Story by Annie Da Silva. Photos by JSLVR Photography. A natural born performer since he was a young boy growing up in the small Caribbean island of Tobago, Caleb Hart has been taking his music across Canada and around the world to Australia, USA, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean full time for the past six years playing almost 900 shows.

LYRIQUE: New single “Gone”

Interview by Annie Da Silva. Photo by @vparenas. Lyrique (pronounced Ly•ric) is an immigrant to Canada from the Philippines who uses music, mainly hip-hop, to express himself and connect with others. With a strong focus on lyricism and the value of flow, Lyrique has become a staple in the Calgary hip-hop scene.

Secret Shop: How one fashion collective is creating a community of sustainable fashion

Story and photos by Will Geier. In a world where fast fashion and throwaway fashion are dominating, there is a group in Calgary pushing the boundaries by creating a community of reusable fashion. Enter Secret Shop: a collective creating exciting interactive fashion events in Calgary . It is at times a pop-up frenzy or function revolving around a second-hand shopping experience with unique pieces you will not find anywhere else.

The past, present, and future of river surfing

Words by Grant Lahring. If anyone knows river surfing in Calgary, it’s Luke Morstad. His company (Outlier Surf) has been instrumental in building the community that surfs The One Wave near the 10th Street Bridge downtown. Fresh from winning $10,000 at the JMH LaunchPad pitch competition this spring, Luke and his team are poised for their biggest season yet.