Drop Squad

Paradise, Painted Walls, and a Whole Lot of Pink: New Art at the Esker Foundation

Story by Christina Wong Located on the fourth floor of an eclectic brick building, the Esker Foundation is a contemporary art gallery that strives to sate Calgary’s ongoing desire to experience exciting new art. Occupying 15,000ft of space in Inglewood, the Foundation “reflects on current developments in local, regional, and international culture; creates opportunities for public dialogue; and supports the production of ground-breaking new work, ideas, and research.”

Brown Girl Begins

Story by Claire  Miglionico It’s 2049 and we’re in post-apocalyptic Toronto. A wall has been built around the city. The wealthy have taken over. The poor have been expelled to the Burn – an island where its secluded dwellers are forced to live off bartering, recycling and farming. Ti-Jeanne, a young Black women must embrace her inner priestess to save the people she loves most. But will she face her fears? 

Art of Vintage

Story and photos by Will Geier. Tucked away on a quiet street in Killarney, Art of Vintage is a treasure trove of unique vintage items ranging from suitcases, to bird cages, to furniture and everything in between. The store is owned and operated by two sisters, Heather and Lori Oliphant, who have been in the vintage business for six years.