Welcome to Local Drop!

Calgary’s free community centric magazine.

With the idea dating back to February 2016, our president and publisher William Geier, brought a group of journalism classmates at SAIT together to bring the basis of what would become Local Drop Magazine.

Over the coming months, starting from the ground up, we brought in advertisements and original stories covering all things “Explore, Local, Art and Music”: all while balancing our school work.

On July 1, 2016, we printed 2,500 copies of Issue 1 and distributed them to over 200 stores in Kensington, Bridgeland, Inglewood and along the Beltline… to name a few.

The release saw many opportunities going forward: businesses, artists, musicians and photographers were coming to us for collaborations and advertisement placements in the magazine.

Followed by Issue 2 in November 2016, Issue 3 in March 2017 with a more polished look and feel, in addition to distributing to places such as Mission and Marda Loop.

August 2017 saw the release of Issue 4, and we’ve released Issue 5 in November 2017.

With each issue of Local Drop, our brand and skills become more and more grand.

Stories from the first five Issues are available now along with exclusive online stories, check the menu to start reading!

Follow us on our social media pages to follow along our journey, and look forward to next couple of months as new things are happening…


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Thank you Calgary,
Elijah Beaver – Photo Editor of Local Drop Magazine.