Beakerhead: Local Music Lab

Story by Adriana Cueva. Beakerhead is back in town and bringing a buzz of creativity, artistic endeavour, and play. And, for the first time since Beakerhead has been lighting up and shaking up the Calgary art, science and music scene, they are incorporating everything that makes Beakerhead Beakerhead with a new project, Beakerhead: Local Music Lab, featuring Windigo, 36?, The Ashley Hundred, Laura Hickli, and more.

Fever Feel: Self-titled debut LP

Story by Sara Kuefler. There are records you can get utterly lost in. Think of The Doors or Hendrix, spinning away on your turn table as you slide into a different dimension. Well, if you are looking to be transported, fire up your lava lamps and incense, find a comfy cushion, and allow yourself to melt into Fever Feel’s self-titled debut LP: a journey into a dreamscape to mystify and captivate the senses and soul.

The 35th Annual ArtWalk

Story by Christina Wong. Who says travelling is the only way to experience real art? On Sept. 15 and 16, art lovers and the art curious are invited to explore 26 galleries in the Beltline, Inglewood, and the Downtown Core to discover the depth of the visual arts in Calgary.