Peter & the Wolves: “Howlin’ and Prowlin’” album release

Story and photos by Sara Kuefler. When asked about writing songs, Peter Cormier, frontman for Calgary rockabilly sensations Peter & the Wolves, says, “The most important thing is coming up with a hook.”  Well, hook, line, and sinker folks . . . I can easily see why people fall for this band.  These boys have style, depth, and, by all accounts, an infectious energy onstage.

The Major Minor Music Project brings all-ages opportunities to the Calgary music scene

Story and photo by Sara Kuefler. I recently had the opportunity to meet and speak with Graham Mackenzie of the Major Minor Music Project, an organization that promotes all-ages access to local music and arts. Mackenzie displays real passion in this work. He is a champion of the local music and arts scene, having started Major Minor Music Project after seeing a need for different groups within Calgary to have greater access to arts and events happening in the city. 

Major Minor Music Project and International Avenue BRZ collaborate on inaugural East Town Get Down music festival

Story by Sara Kuefler. I sat down with Graham Mackenzie, director of Major Minor Music Project, to discuss East Town Get Down, a brand-new, independent music festival to be held on International Avenue on May 26.  We were in lawn chairs in his front yard, with kids heading to the neighbour’s place to play, surrounded by pink people who occupy Mackenzie’s yard — leftover sculptures from an art installation by a Vietnamese artist, which had been shown on International Avenue, and were subsequently rescued by Mackenzie after they were no longer needed.

Female Songwriter Circle Vol. 4 featuring Laura Hickli, Holly Clark, and Bebe Buckskin

Story by Kendall Bistretzan On Monday, May 7, Café Koi will be hosting their fourth monthly Female Singer Songwriters Circle. The event will feature Laura Hickli , Holly Clark and Bebe Buckskin. Local Drop reporter Kendall Bistretzan caught up with these ladies to talk about their style as musicians, experiences in Calgary, adversity in the industry, and plans for the future.